Learn Hypnosis

Vince has been practicing hypnosis for more than 20 years and is a patient instructor. A master hypnotist, he can help you become one too.

Have you ever been interested in helping others through hypnosis? Have you ever been fascinated by the process that established trance and what you need to know in order to assist others with problems such as weight management, dependence on nicotine or anxiety?

Partial Content of the Basic/Intermediate Course in Scientific Hypnosis:

  • Definition and theories of hypnosis.
  • Authoritarian and permissive suggestibility tests.
  • Methods of classification of subjects.
  • Techniques of induction.
  • Advanced techniques.
  • Rapid induction techniques.
  • Disguised and indirect testing and induction techniques.
  • Hypnotic depth evaluation.
  • Methods of deepening hypnosis.
  • Methods of self-hypnosis.

Applications in medicine, dentistry, psychology, psychiatry, business, education, law enforcement and self-improvement.

Basic, intermediate, and many advanced procedures are thoroughly covered in this comprehensive course. Students are provided with actual hypnotic subjects and are required to demonstrate proficiency in suggestibility tests, hypnotic inductions, formulation and application of post-hypnotic suggestions, depth evaluation and emergence techniques, before a certificate of completion will be issued.